Telecoms carrier three launching 5G in the UK

Three, one of the carriers in the UK is planning to launch its 5G network before the end of February. The company states that the 2020 iPhones are ‘critical points’ that will demand faster data service.

The UK telecommunication firm currently offers 5G broadband routers for homes but there’s much work to be done in the mobile front, as reported by Reuters. Dave Dyson, Chief Executive says that the new Galaxy S20 could further drive the demand for faster network speeds but the 5G iPhones are considered the ‘key milestone’ for users to transition from 4G to 5G.

Telecoms Carrier Three Launching 5G in the UK

5G in the UK

5G in the UK

Three subscribers can enjoy the faster speeds without any extra charges. Though its competitors have launched earlier, the company intends to provide better speed and capacity.

Apple’s transition to 5G is expected to draw huge demands the whole world over, and boost smartphone sales as a whole. The new 2020 iPhone lineup is expected to launch in September.