Telegram App to have pay-to-view posts

Instant messaging app Telegram is testing a new pay-to-view feature that goes outside the Apple payment platform.

In June this year, Telegram announced a premium service, which gives subscribers the ability to send bigger files, faster download, and follow more channels.

Telegram App

Now, it seems that the company intends to monetize another feature- paid posts, which is believed to be under testing in several channels. Pay-to-view has not been announced to the public, but it exists in several platforms, including iOS.

The pay-to-view feature directs the users to the app’s payment system instead of the App Store, which means that Telegram won’t have to pay the 30% cut on commissions. At the moment, it seems that Apple is not aware of this yet and may change its stance soon.

Telegram has worked around Apple’s payment system before- the app has had animated emojis that are similar to the ones on iOS and was only allowed when developers removed them.