Telegram app update delayed due to animated emojis

The Telegram app update was recently delayed due to Apple taking an issue with its ‘Telemoji pack’.

Pavel Durov, Telegram CEO posted online an upcoming app update. He mentioned that the process of approval was taking longer than expected- it had been sitting for two weeks and has not been approved. Then, it turned out that one of the features, the ‘Telemoji pack’ was under scrutiny.

Telegram App

Telemoji are app exclusive content and feature animated emojis. The graphics themselves appear to be similar to emojis in iOS but have additional animations. Durov wrote that the delay was a ‘puzzling move’, and that the update was approved once the themed pack was removed.

The new Telegram app update is now available to download on the App Store. Durov mentioned in his post that the emoji theme would have enriched Apple’s ecosystem in the long term and allow the platform to explore its emoji styles for future updates.