A new version of the Tesla Android Project has been released, bringing with it the Apple CarPlay functionality on every Tesla EV model.

Tesla Android

Version 2022.25.1 of Tesla Android Project release notes say ‘100 percent functional CarPlay integration for any Tesla’, along with several bug fixes and new features.

The updated hack now supports DRM video playback so users can watch Netflix on higher resolutions, a lock on orientation display for Apple Music to be fixed in landscape mode and support for Android 12.1 for better performance and stability.

The CarPlay workaround involves an LTE modem, a WiFi access point, an Ethernet cable and a micro HDMI to HDMI cable on a Raspberry PI running custom Android firmware.

The browser in Tesla cars connect to the device and display CarPlay on the screen, as well as Apple Music and Maps, among others.

CarPlay is never officially supported on Tesla cars, hence the need to create hacks like the Tesla Android Project.


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