Tesla releases AirPower-Like charger

EV company Tesla has rolled out a new wireless charger that’s similar to a product Apple intended to launch.

The ‘Wireless Charging Platform’ has a shape that’s similar to the Cybertruck, providing up to 15W of power for a maximum of three devices. Tesla says that the material is premium Alcantara surface, aluminum housing, and a magnetic stand that can be detached. Owners will be able to lay the platform at an angle or flat, depending on their preferences.


The device is made for Qi-compatible devices such as earbuds or phones, but it won’t be able to charge an Apple Watch. Pre-orders have begun for the Wireless Charging Platform, with the product expected to be delivered in February next year.

Apple’s AirPower was first revealed in 2017 as a wireless charger that can accommodate the AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone on any part of its surface. Currently, Apple has scrapped the idea and did not announce a successor.