Tesla updates its iOS App with new controls, widgets and more

Tesla has recently launched a new version of its iPhone app. Some of the most notable changes include added controls, better widgets and a redesign.

EV owners will see a visual overhaul when they open the app. Commands can now be sent through an iPhone without having to wake the car first. Those who own multiple Tesla vehicles will now be able to unlock them using a phone key.

The Tesla iOS app also features a 3D vehicle representation and more fluid animations throughout. The company has upgraded the Charging section and shows only pertinent charging details when the EV is connected to an energy source.

Sentry mode, valet mode and speed limit settings have been relegated to the ‘Security’ section. Supercharging history may also be viewed in-app.

As for the widgets, iOS users can choose between two, with data such as unlock status, charging and location information and vehicle name shown on the screen.

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