TestFlight for Mac is now live

Mac app developers can now access the TestFlight platform and get testers for feedback before officially launching an app or update.

With TestFlight, up to 10,000 testers are allowed to join via public link or email. Tools have been added for build access configuration and multiple group creation depending on what developers are looking for.

The last version of TestFlight was in its beta phase, with the platform allowing developers to test their apps or those from others. Apple has invited people to try out the official launch of the platform by downloading it directly from the Mac App Store.

TestFlight in screenshot

The TestFlight platform is a place where developers can share their beta apps to users in order to collect valuable feedback before releasing it on the App Store. This applies to App Clips as well. Developers can invite internal testers, external testers and groups and share test information as well as gather feedback. It’s available on macOS, iPadOS and iOS.

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