Tetris games on iOS to retire in April

Game developer EA has announced via app updates that they will be ‘retiring’, or pulling Tetris apps in the App Store on the 21st of April this year. Support will be ended for Tetris Blitz, Tetris 2011 and Tetris Premium.

In the updates section, EA mentioned that players will still be able to run the apps and use in-game items until April of 2020. Keep in mind that you’ll need to consume all in-app purchases before the Tetris apps are officially gone. Unfortunately, the reason for the decision is unspecified and EA has offered no explanation for their move.

Tetris Games on iOS to be Retired in April

Tetris for iOS has been a staple title since the launch of the iPhone. The block-stacking arcade game is well-loved and largely considered by many as a ‘retro classic’. Intriguingly, updates for the Tetris apps have stopped since 2018. Since the apps require a connection to EA’s servers, users won’t be able to continue playing when it shuts down.