Text-Based social media app ‘Threads’ appear in App Store

Instagram’s ‘Threads’ has gone live on the App Store for preorders.

The Instagram team is preparing to launch ‘Threads’, a Twitter-like social media app that focuses on text. Currently, the app is available to download as a preorder, with the App Store saying that it will show up on users’ iPhones when it goes live. As for the launch date, the App Store says that ‘Threads’ will be ready on July 6.


Instagram has used the term ‘Threads’ before- it was a companion app that was the supposed answer to Snapchat. However, user uptake was lower than expected and it shut down in 2021. Those interested in trying the app must have a registered Instagram account. The app is expected to be free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently challenged Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg to a cage match when he found out that Zuckerberg was planning to launch a Twitter alternative.