Still using your TV’s built-in speakers? You’re missing out on an immersive audio experience. When you want to save space and pick up a streaming device along the way, there’s no beating Roku’s hybrid device. Today, the Roku Streambar is down to just $109 from its original price of $130 on Amazon.

2 in 1 Roku Streambar

Experience richer sound and in-depth audio cues with the Streambar’s four internal speakers. It has Dolby Audio and thus produces sound many times greater than its size. Advanced engineering makes voices and speech clearer. What’s more, there’s a setting that allows you to boost voices and auto-lower commercials as they come.

In terms of streaming it offers a slew of features. You can share music, photos and videos via AirPlay, and watch 4K streaming with HDR in a swift and intuitive interface. The Streambar comes with a remote that can control audio volume, channel and navigate around without the need for an extra remote.

Buy the discounted Roku Streambar at just $109 today!


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