The 4-Pack Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Slim is Down $15

Smart plugs can unlock automation and allow you to control some of your devices or appliances via Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa. Today, the Kasa Smart Plug Mini 4-Pack is down to just $34.99 from its original price of $50 on Amazon.

These smart plugs integrate easily into the connected system, with voice commands able to turn your devices on or off in hands-free mode. With the Kasa smart app you’ll be able to monitor the energy usage in real time as well as historically. Setup is a snap, thanks to GSS and FFS processes from Google and Amazon. You’ll be able to control your devices in just a few minutes.

Apple HomeKit

Once it’s connected via wifi you can control it from home or even away from home, via the Kasa app. The slim plug is compact, and its materials are flame retardant as well. Enjoy $15 off and grab the 4-pack smart plugs from Kasa Smart Store today!