The 43-inch Sero QLED TV by Samsung is now $500 off


Fancy a new TV that can easily rotate to get the best picture even when you’re casting from your smartphone? Samsung’s The Sero QLED TV does exactly that. Today, the 43 inch QLED TV drops to just $1,497.99 from its original price of $2,000 on Amazon.

43 inch Sero QLED TV by Samsung

The Sero QLED TV boasts mobile optimized screen out of the box with smart and easy screen sharing options. The display actually rotates to portrait or landscape mode depending on the type of content you want to view. Being made from QLED technology you experience vibrant, 4K HDR colors and picture.

The 43 inch variant is Alexa supported so you can command it to play music, control your other smart devices, check the weather or change the channel, among others. The built in 4.1 ch speakers with 60w of power should suffice for everyday use.

Now is the time to upgrade to the latest TV. When you want to save $500, opt for the 43 inch Samsung The Sero 4K QLED TV today!

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