The AirTag (4 Pack) is 10% Off

Samantha Wiley
By Samantha Wiley - Senior News Editor
Apple AirTag

The AirTag can be very useful in many ways, including keeping track of your precious belongings and always having a pulse on where your bike or vehicle is, for that matter. Today, you can get a 10% discount as the 4-pack Apple AirTag is down to just $88.99 from its original price of $99 on Amazon.

Preview Product Price
Apple AirTag 4 Pack Apple AirTag 4 Pack $99.00 $86.88Amazon Prime

With the backing of the robust Find My Network, you’ll be able to easily find your item in short distances through several ways. You can use your iOS device and check its vicinity, or have the AirTag produce an audible alert for pinpoint accuracy. If somehow you lost your item in a public space, you can get help from other devices using the same network.

Apple AirTag

Setting up is a snap if you have a compatible Apple device. Built-in privacy and anonymity keep data safe from prying eyes. Get the discounted AirTag 4-Pack today!

By Samantha Wiley Senior News Editor
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