iFixit specialists have turned their attention to Apple’s newest cleaning cloth and the technology behind it.

Apple Polishing Cloth

In a humorous presentation, iFixit revealed a teardown video of the sold out polishing cloth with special mentions on the watermark and apparent thickness of the product. The researchers mentioned that it’s similar to the Smart Cover’s inner lining, and both have ‘distinct synthetic leather’ that’s like Alcantara.

Being a cloth, teardown is practically non-existent but the video showed that the Apple Polishing Cloth is made of two separate materials that are glued together. Under the microscope, the fiber is intricately woven and where ‘Apple’s polishing cloth comes to life’.

In tongue-in-cheek fashion, iFixit gave Apple Polishing Cloth a 0/10 as it was distracting them from completing a MacBook Pro teardown.

The polishing cloth was introduced in the October event that revealed the new MacBook Pro models. It’s currently sold out but there are third party options available.


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