The Apple World Travel Adapter Kit drops to just $25

Do the world’s different plugs confuse, annoy and make you spend more than what’s needed just to get a charge in a specific country? You can invest in a quality travel adapter kit and do away with the issues. Today, the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit is down to just $24.99 from its original price of $28.99 on Amazon.

The kit is an all-in-one set of accessories, with seven AC plugs that can fit any electrical outlet. You can bring your iPad, iPhone, iPod and even AirPort Express, the MagSafe Power Adapter and Portable Power Adapter for charging all your electronic gear.

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit
Preview Product Price
Apple World Travel Adapter Kit Apple World Travel Adapter Kit $29.00Amazon Prime

The kit directly supports native electrical outlets in Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, Continental Europe, UK, China, Japan and North America so you won’t have to shop for a specific adapter ever again. It’s convenient and everything fits into a box.

Get the $4 discounted Apple official World Travel Adapter Kit today!