The Belkin Stand For Your Apple Pencil Is Now Only $8 on Amazon

The Apple Pencil is just about perfect until it starts rolling out of your reach. Looking for a complimentary companion for your beloved tech device? The Belkin Apple Pencil Stand may just be what you need. The weighted stand is super stable and can definitely keep an Apple Pencil within easy reach.

Amazon has taken off $17 from the usual $24 price of this stylus stand from Belkin.

Apple Pencil Stand

It’s simple, effective and classy, with material made of anodized aluminum and a shiny chrome finish. Granted, it doesn’t charge your Apple Pencil, but what it can do is hold it in place as you charge it via a female to a female Lightning port.

As an Apple Pencil holder, it does an outstanding job while keeping your desk stylish.

The Belkin Stylus Stand and Base for Apple Pencil are discounted by 68% off, which brings the price down to just $7.99. Get it while supplies last!