The case of 16″ MacBook Pro in India: Amazon Discount

The 16” MacBook Pro is powered by the ninth generation Intel i7 six core processors. The base configuration uses 16GB of RAM which is enough for most of the tasks. In India, the laptop costs ₹1,99,999, however it could be bought for ₹10,000 less on Amazon. 

The e-commerce site Amazon is selling the 16” MacBook Pro base model for ₹1,89,990 which sweetens the deal overall a little bit. The laptops cost $2,399 in the United States and when the conversion is done from USD (United States Dollar) to INR (Indian Rupee), the price comes down to ₹1,70,000.

MacBook Pro

Premium product = Premium price + extra

The reason as to why Macs are expensive in India is unknown. However, regarding the iPhone, it was reported that due to lack of “local sourcing”, heavy taxes were levied and some continue to but the scenario has changed a little since Apple started assembling few models of the iPhone in the city Bengaluru in India.

Will the price of Macs ever come down in India? To be honest, it looks very unlikely unless the company plans to re-adjust the pricing of all its products every few months as the price of currencies on the world stage change.

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It’s also unlikely that Apple will consider local assembly or manufacturing of Mac products as the product line is not the most selling. It’s the iPhone that sells the most – any nation considered. The Mac makes up for less than 10% of the desktop/laptop market share with Windows PCs continuing to rule the market.

However, the exorbitant pricing of the Mac line-up did not stop some Indians from purchasing the products. This year it was reported that Mac sales soared in the country, reaching limits never seen before. The Mac had a great year in India and Apple should consider improving the pricing to improve even further.