The Caviar Company puts up a luxury Apple Vision Pro for sale

High-end customization firm The Caviar Company has produced 24 customized ‘luxury’ Apple Vision Pro models for sale.

In a press release, the company said that their custom-made Apple Vision Pro ‘draws inspiration from the finest fashion accessories’ and is the pinnacle of style and technology. The firm further said that the device offers not just advanced features but can also be considered a work of art.

Apple Vision Pro

The customized Apple Vision Pro now has a gold trim where the silver used to be, and the leather head mount has been replaced with Connolly leather, which Caviar says is ‘renowned for its delicate yet durable nature.’ They claim that it’s the same material used in Rolls-Royce automobiles and the British Royal Court.

The Apple Vision Pro Caviar version has a price tag of $39,900 and will be available starting the fall of 2024, which coincides with the official release of the Apple product.