The curious case of MagSafe for iPhone: The Future


MagSafe on the MacBook was one of the best features in the laptop industry. However, Apple has killed the feature in favour of USB-C as it is an universal port/cable. But that does not mean that the MagSafe cannot return in the future.

The curious case of MagSafe for iPhone: The Future

The future is wireless and most smartphone manufacturers are working on finding ways to completely cut the cord. Wireless charging is already a popular thing but its slow compared to wired charging.

So in the future if companies want to go wireless, they could possibly use MagSafe type of technology. Well, MagSafe is not exactly wireless, it’s a much better and easier way to charge a device. When a device is brought close to the MagSafe connector, the cable latches onto the device.

The MagSafe connector is a magnetic connector which allows the cable to connect and disconnect easily. The biggest advantage of MagSafe on laptops is that if under a scenario somebody is to trip on the cable, the MagSafe cable would unplug from the laptop due to the force. However, the laptop will not fall or even move a little.

MagSafe would make a lot of sense of smartphones as well. Well, USB-C and Lightning ports/cables are cool but they still require users to fiddle with cable and actually connect the device and the cable. Whereas, if MagSafe was to be on the iPhone, the cable would automatically latch onto the iPhone as soon as it comes close to the iPhone.

If Apple is considering bringing new ways of charging to the iPhone, then it should consider resurrecting the MagSafe standard in a new form specifically made for the iPhone. The size of the connector could very well be smaller compared to the original connector that was used on the MacBooks.

Would you like if Apple brought MagSafe to the iPhone? Comment your thoughts down below.


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