The Discounted AirPods Pro Case with AirTags Slot by Elago is Down to Just $11.50

Dress up your AirPods Pro with a unique and stylish case from quality manufacturer Elago. Today, the Snapshot Cover with AirTags Classic Camera Design is down to just $11.50 from its original price of $15 on Amazon.

AirPods Pro are a significant investment of money, and you can protect it with an AirTag. Thankfully, Elago’s case has a built-in slot for the AirTag and turns the case into a pseudo camera. What makes it a must-buy are quality of life attachments such wireless charging support, drop protection and a key ring for attaching to your bag.

The Elago AirPods Pro case fits perfectly and looks great, and the addition of AirTags means you can use the Find My feature on your iPhone to locate it anytime you want. At a little over $10, you’ll have a case that looks great and serves to preserve your AirPods Pro for years to come.

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