The Echo Plus 2nd Gen Model Gets a Huge 50% Off

It’s hard not to get excited when seeing a 50% off tacked on a product, but when attached to a device it becomes an insta-buy.

It’s a free-for-all on the discounted Echo Plus (2nd Gen), which is currently only $74.99 from its original price of $149.99 on Amazon. At first glance the gadget looks like a speaker, but its functions make it more like a hub.

Echo Plus

The integrated Zigbee hub can manage and control compatible smart home devices. Paired with the Alexa app and voice control, you can now tell your smart appliances to activate, shut off, lock, adjust and play music. You can even have several Alexa devices act like a connected intercom and use nifty features such as Announcements and Drop In.

Also, the speakers themselves should more than suffice when it comes to audio quality. You get premium 360 degree audio and deep bass for total immersion.

Grab yourself a 2nd gen Echo Plus at 50% discount today!