At almost every Mac event which usually takes place in the month of October, Apple claimed that the iMac is the #1 desktop in the US and with the highest satisfaction rate. However, the design of the machine remains unchanged since the 2009 design refresh. 

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From the front, the 2009 iMac and 2018 iMac would be difficult to differentiate; only if looked from the side can the difference be seen. In 2012, Apple introduced the thinner iMac which ditched the SuperDrive and introduced Fusion Drive which uses both HDD and SSD to make the system faster while keeping higher amounts of storage.

A modern design for the modern age

The iMac is in need of a redesign. A lot has changed since 2009 and 2012, considering that the iMac is an all-in-one, displays in the market have now begun to ditch the bezel or sport a very thin bezel. It’s time that Apple introduce a redesigned iMac with a smaller bezel. Don’t get me wrong – the iMac is still an excellent product and to be honest, no other machine matches the build quality of the machine as far as I’m aware of.

iMac dorsal
iMac dorsal

However, ten years is a long time and it would be nice for Apple to spice things up. Maybe make some tiny changes to the design i.e lessen the amount of bezel, introduce a new display with less amount of gap between the display (LCD) and the glass on the front of the machine. The hinge of the iMac is still pretty great, people love it and that could remain the same.

Also, it would be nice if Apple could ditch the “HDD only” option as HDD is a slow and dated storage mechanism. Apple was the company that started the revolution by switching to flash storage on its MacBooks. The company could continue using HDD as an add-on for the SSD with its Fusion Drive option but offering just the HDD for the base model is not right.


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