The future of iPhone is port-less


The future is wireless. iPhones support wireless charging and there is no more the headphone jack on the iPhones as Apple wants people to use their wireless earphones. So, what is the next major technological breakthrough in making phones completely wireless?

This is the iPhone 11 device by Apple.

Apple still packs its wired charger along with the box and the iPhone still has the lightning port for charging and data transfer. Going completely wireless would require Apple to improve its wireless charging technology fairly well. Also, it’s not completely up to Apple as the company uses the Qi wireless charging standard to enable wireless charging.

To go completely wireless would require Apple to enable super fast wireless charging as at present wireless charging is fairly slow compared to wired charging. One of the biggest failures of Apple was not being able to release the AirPower wireless charging mat which could supposedly charge multiple devices at the same time.

Due to limitations of wireless charging, the AirPower wireless charging mat project has been completely deprecated without any major announcement. Users will only accept wireless charging as the only way to charge their phones when it’s easy to use and is fast as the phone cannot be used when lying on the mat.

The future is certainly wireless but when will the iPhone go portless is not certain. It is definitely not happening in 2020 or 2021 as Apple is reportedly focussing on bringing 5G to the iPhones and also working on reducing the size of the notch – the cutout which packs the FaceID sensors, cameras, and more sensors.

Apple is very likely already working on a project to make its phones completely wireless. We can expect to see some fruition from the projects probably in the next 3-5 years. Until then let’s hope the company moves from using lightning on the iPhones to USB-C.

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