The Gamevice Controller for iPhone is $20 Off on Amazon

Playing games on your iPhone’s touchscreen is inaccurate and clunky at best. For this reason, you’ll want to get a device that could provide physical buttons for that tactile feel.

The Gamevice Controller for the iPhone is getting a $20 discount from $80 to just $59.95 on Amazon. The product gets the nod from Apple, being MFi-certified and able to support thousands of mobile games. It works on any iOS device from the iPhone 6 upwards and can hold large models, including the Plus variants.

Gamevice Controller for iPhone

Connection is established via Bluetooth and gives you standard gamepad buttons such as dual analog joysticks, a directional pad, L1 and R1 bumpers and L2 and R2 triggers and four buttons at the front. There’s also a headphone jack and a Lightning port for extra connectivity options, and the whole thing folds up in a more compact form.

The product has a Gamevice Live app that lists new compatible games. Get it while supplies last.

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