Apple tablets are getting their own OS, called the iPadOS to make the devices more worthy of the title “laptop replacements”.


The operating system environment brings a host of features and improvements in terms of productivity. The iPadOS is expected to be released fall of 2019 as a free OS update for the iPad Mini 4, the 2017 and 2018 iPad, the iPad Mini 2019, the iPad Air 2 and all iPad Pro models. Developers can download an iPadOS preview from Apple’s dev portal.

Apple has revealed a new Home screen, new gestures for copy, paste, cut and undo options and several multitasking additions to the iPad. There’s also a brand-new floating keyboard, dark mode, expanded Apple Pencil, new Safari for a desktop-like browsing experience and improved file management, among others.

On this note, it looks like iOS 13 will be set for the iPhone while iPads will move on from being solely entertainment devices to one that can be used more like a computer and possibly a full-fledged replacement for laptops.


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