The iPhone 11 is the best “value for money” phone

Apple shocked the world by releasing the iPhone 11 at $699 which makes it $50 less than the release price of the iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 offers an additional ultra-wide camera over the iPhone XR, improved camera, some minor performance improvements and some design changes on the backside.

Let’s start with cameras because the iPhone 11 takes extremely pleasing shots. The main shooter on the iPhone 11 is better than the one found on the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS. It’s unclear whether Apple changed the sensor or if its software magic (improved algorithms). Also, the fact that the phone has a ultra-wide shooter is a big plus as its a feature loved by the masses.

This is the iPhone 11 device by Apple.

The main aspect of the iPhone XR that differentiated it from the iPhone 11 was its battery backup. The cheaper iPhone XR offered 30 to 40% better battery life and as a result more people bought the iPhone XR for this single reasons (the price was also a differentiator in some cases). 

Apple is banking on the love it received from its customers towards the iPhone XR to continue the “all day battery” trend alive with the iPhone 11. The company also made some subtle changes to the design of the iPhone 11 by removing the “iPhone” branding from the back of the phone and also repositioned the Apple logo to be in the middle of the phone.

The iPhone 11 retails for $699 which makes it $300 cheaper compared to the iPhone 11 Pro and $400 cheaper compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Also, the iPhone 11 has a 6.1” screen whereas the iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8” screen but the screen on the iPhone 11 Pro is sharper and pixel dense. If large screen is the main requirement, the iPhone 11 is a better option (or the pricey iPhone 11 Pro Max).