The latest model iPad Pro is back on sale with a $100 discount on Amazon

Last week, Amazon had put up a sale on the latest model of the iPad Pro with a $50 discount. However, the sale later ended the next day. For those who missed last week’s sale is up for a sweeter deal.

Amazon is now giving the iPad Pro for $699 while the original price on the market is still $799. This means you save a $100 when you buy it today from Amazon.

Since it comes with Amazon Prime shipping, you can get your hands on the all-new iPad Pro within 48 hours depending on your location in the US as Amazon prime ships the item the next day.

The iPad Pro for $699 comes with 64GB storage, Wi-FI, and an 11-inch Retina display. For more information about the product, click on the red buy now button below.

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