The Momax 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Power Bank Drops to Just $65

The powerbanks of yore wouldn’t be able to hold a candle against the Momax Airbox Multi-Device Wireless Charging Power Bank in terms of convenience and function. Today, you can experience wireless charging anytime, anywhere for just $64.99 after putting in the code ZBIGB7Q9 on checkout and clicking the on-page coupon.

The Airbox boasts an impressive 10,000mAh battery for wireless charging on virtually all your essential Apple devices. Open it up and there’s a slot for your iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, your Apple Watch, AirPods Charging Case and Apple Pencil. As an added bonus, it acts as a storage for keeping your AirPods and Apple Pencil safe.

Momax 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Power Bank

You won’t need wires when using the AirBox. The device puts out an impressive 10W in wireless and 20W with a type-C port. 10,000mAh should be enough to give you several precious minutes of extended use, and it’s very portable too.

Buy the discounted Momax Airbox Wireless Charging Power Bank today!