The OtterBox 5K MagSafe Power Bank Drops Nearly $18

A wireless power bank for your iPhone is already useful in its own right, but how about one that offers pass-through charging? Today, you can grab the OtterBox 5K mAh Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe for just $52.46 from its original price of $70 on Amazon.

OtterBox innovates the power bank niche with a wireless charging feature, which essentially makes it more convenient. The 5K mAh battery can put out a respectable 7.5W to extend your iPhone’s juice and allow you to make the most of your time.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe

What’s great about OtterBox’s power bank is the dual-charge mode and the ability to accept a pass-through charge using a MagSafe cable. It’s compact enough that you can put it in your bag without any significant weight added. LED indicators serve a helpful function by showing you battery life and displaying charge status.

Grab the essential wireless charging powerbank from OtterBox at nearly $18 off today!