The Parallels Desktop 17 Pro is 30% Off


Looking to run other operating systems on your Mac? Parallels Desktop should fit the bill perfectly. Today, it’s down to just $69.99 from its original price of $100 on Amazon.

Parallels Desktop 17 Pro

Parallels Desktop 17 Pro contains Access and Toolbox, and a fully-featured suite for developers and consumers. You can create a virtual machine (or multiples of it) on a computer and run Linux, Windows or older macOS versions. Amazingly enough, it won’t be as taxing or acquire what’s needed to test browsers, platforms and software environments.

The one-year subscription allows you to run Windows without having to restart your computer. Best of all, it’s designed to run on Intel and M1-based Macs and improve its performance and speed. It’s delivered digitally so you won’t have to wait a few days to use the app.

The service is straight from Parallels, which means you still get tech support whenever you need it. At just $70, it’s a superb deal you should try today!

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