The PopSockets MagSafe Phone Grip is 50% Off

Reduce the chances of dropping your iPhone to the hard ground with a PopSockets MagSafe PopGrip. Today, it’s down to just $14.99 from its original price of $30 on Amazon.

Attaching the PopSockets MagSafe Grip is just as easy as snapping it magnetically on the back of your iPhone. Once there, you’ll be able to take phone calls, text, browse websites, and watch videos without worrying about your mobile falling out of your hands. It’s compatible with PopSocket mounts and cases, as well as non-branded cases for the iPhone.

PopSockets MagSafe Phone Grip

The MagSafe Phone Grip doubles as a phone stand for when you need to do hands-free watching or FaceTime calls. When you’re done and want a flat back, simply de-attach the PopGrip and stash it in your bag or pocket. The MagSafe Grip is made with high-quality materials, so you’re sure to make the most out of the accessory. Buy it today!