Complete your ergonomic gaming chair with a desk that can be adjusted for a better view and eye health. Today, the Pyle Ergonomic Standing Desk & PC Monitor Riser is down to just $101.59 from its original price of $145 on Amazon.

Pyle Ergonomic Standing Desk

A laptop riser effectively eliminates common concerns associated with prolonged hours in front of a computer. Your back, neck, arm and eyes won’t be as strained, and Pyle’s offering has a spacious 31 by 17-inch workspace and can support up to two 17 inch monitors with extra room for accessories and more.

The foldable desk has an adjustable height that ranges from 5.9 to 18.9 inches with an easy lever mechanism on each end. It comes assembled and can be packed quickly for storage, moving around or bringing with you. With durable and high-quality materials you can depend on the Pyle Laptop Rise to last a really long time. Get it today!


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