The Razer BlackWidow Gaming Keyboard is now only $55

Razer is a brand that’s known for producing excellent gaming peripherals, so when their products go on sale it tends to sell like hotcakes. Today, the Razer BlackWidow Essential gaming keyboard is now just $55, down $26 from its original price of $80.91 on Amazon.

Razer BlackWidow Gaming Keyboard

Razer’s mechanical switches have reset points and optimized actuation so you can expect ultra-fast responsiveness. In-house manufacturing results in better key durability and keystrokes. Every key in the BlackWidow can be customized depending on what you need, from rebinding or turning several keystrokes into a single macro. What’s more, you can set alternate shortcuts, macros and functions via the Hyper Shift function.

The BlackWidow Gaming Keyboard is Now Only $55

Green backlighting and the familiar Razer logo sits at the base of the keyboard, just below the alt keys. The keyboard lasts up to 80 million keystrokes so you can be sure that it will last a long time. Buy the Razer BlackWidow Essential Mechanical Gaming Keyboard today!