The rumored call recording feature in iOS 14 will not be available for the general public

According to 9to5mac, there is a new feature in the iOS 14 that will enable the voice call recording. This feature will allow the users to record their FaceTime calls; however, this feature will only be available for developers.

The report comes from a Chinese website ITHome. The website claims that the leaked image that shows the toggle for voice recording was received by the jailbreak community.

call recording feature in iOS 14

According to the image shared by the website, the sure will have to take permission from the other side to record the call. However, it seems that this feature is only for the developers and not for the general public.

9to5Mac confirms that this feature exists, but it also mentions that the sources point out the feature is only for development and testing purposes. It will be only available for Apple employees and none other.

This feature can be used to identify and exterminate the bugs in the iOS 14. 9to5mac says that Apple engineers say this feature is present in the iOS 14 but it is only for debugging purposes. Also, once the voice record toggle is enabled the user is not allowed to share his phone with anyone else.

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