‘The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2023’ now available on YouTube

The two-hour on-stage interview between John Gruber and Greg Joswiak, Mike Rockwell, John Ternus, and Craig Federighi is now on YouTube.

The Vision Pro was revealed during this year’s WWDC 2023 event, and the interview supplements what we already know with a panel of discussion among Apple heads. Joswiak is the chief marketing head, Rockwell is the chief of AR/VR hardware, Ternus is the chief hardware engineer, and Federighi is the software chief engineer in the video.

The Talk Show Live From WWDC 2023

Aside from the main point of discussion being the Vision Pro, the panel also talked about the Mac, VisionOS, software and upcoming platforms as presented by Apple. Those interested can watch ‘Talk Show Live from WWDC’ on the official Daring Fireball channel.

The Worldwide Developers Conference has already concluded, with announcements of a new MacBook Air, iOS 17, and more taking place. The full details can be viewed on Apple’s official website or YouTube channel.