Been waiting for a good deal to come up on a digital graphic drawing tablet? How about getting Wacom’s Intuis Pro for 20% off?


Today, the Wacom PTH860 Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet is down to just $399.95 from its original price of $499.95 on Amazon. This is the regular and large-sized model on a brand that’s known for quality.

The Intuos Pro is designed for professional illustration and image editing and thus can last for a long time. It’s slim and yet covers a large active area. You can use it with multiple monitors and even when doing large arm movements.

The Intuos Pro’s features doesn’t end there. You get 8,192 levels of pressure and industry-leading control, precision and tracking. The tablet’s surface is also multi-touch, and the side buttons are programmable for a really customized experience. The tablet comes with the Pro Pen 2 but you can purchase the pro pen 3D or pro pen slim separately.

Buy the Wacom Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet at $100 off today!


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