The upgraded AppleCare+ plan arrives in three more countries.


Apple users in Spain, Italy and France can now avail of the new AppleCare+ insurance service starting today. Theft and loss coverage is now unlocked in addition to coverage in instances where there’s accidental damage. The service covers iPhone loss or theft on up to 2 incidents per year, with each report costing €129.

AppleCare+ costs €11.49 per month or €229 upfront for two years, with slight price variations depending on the model of the iPhone. In France, Spain and Italy the loss and theft claims will be handled by AIG.

AppleCare+ with loss and theft is different from the standard AppleCare+ plan, with an additional €3 per month or €60 for upfront payment. The service requires the user to have the ‘Find My’ technology at the time the phone is lost or stolen and throughout the process of claiming a replacement.


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