Need a quality leather case for your precious Apple AirPods Case? Twelve South has just the thing. Today, the Twelve South AirSnap Leather Protective Case for AirPods is down to just $19.50 from its original price of $34.99 on Amazon.

AirPods Leather Case

The addition of a loss prevention clip alone makes it a truly worthy buy. You can now affix it to your bag or jeans pocket and never have to worry about dropping it unnoticed. A strong metal snap closure allows you peace of mind, and the bottom has an opening for wired charging.

The leather material works even when you want to charge the case wirelessly. Speaking of which, the supple leather is full grain and not only looks nice but works wonderfully against bumps scratches and whatnot. You won’t need to remove the case to charge or get your AirPods, ensuring 100% 24/7 protection.

At 44% off, getting the Twelve South AirSnap for your AirPods is an excellent deal. Buy it today!


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