This iPhone Mount Makes Driving Easier, and it’s 30% Off!

Driving while using a smartphone to navigate or communicate is a bad idea, unless you’re on hands-free mode with your phone on a dashboard mount.

Don’t have a vehicle phone mount yet? Lucky for you, iOttie’s phone mounts are on sale on Amazon. The iTap Magnetic Dashboard Premium Mount Holder, for example is now just $16.95, down $8 from its usual price of $24.95. That’s a 32% savings right there.

iPhone Mount

You can also choose to get the Air Vent mount or the CD Slot model if you don’t want your smartphone on the dashboard. Six rare earth magnets provide plenty of pull and security, and the universal mounting solution can virtually set most mobiles and attached cases quite well. The magnets won’t interfere with cellular signals whether you’re on call or browsing.

The design is compact and sophisticated while providing a 360-degree view, thanks to the attached pivot joint.

Take advantage of the deal and get your super-convenient car mount holder today!