This Premium Streaming Webcam is Now 39% Off

To be a true streamer you will need to upgrade your setup to make you look as professional and presentable as possible. If you want high quality audio and video streaming content and a ring light, look no further than Razer’s Kiyo Streaming Webcam. Today, it’s down to just $60.93 from its original price of $99 on Amazon.

The Kiyo webcam is a high quality device that delivers on all important stream points. You can achieve a satisfactory 720p/60fps or 1080p/30 fps content, and it’s immediately compatible with platforms such as XSplit and OBS.

Aside from the camera there’s also a built-in ring light that provides 5600K daylight, which means you won’t need any other lighting equipment. You can eliminate grainy and low light conditions and adjust the brightness easily via rotating bezel. After you’re done you can fold it up or bring it with you outside.

Grab the 39% off Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam today!

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