This Reliable Standalone USB Microphone Can Be Yours at $7 Off


If your work from home or streaming setup requires a premium microphone, then you’ll probably need this. Today, the Amazon USB Condenser Microphone is down to just $36.07 from its original price of $43 on Amazon.

Standalone USB Microphone

The mini condenser mic comes with a tripod so you can set it on just about any surface. Sound quality is unparalleled, and you can record instruments, podcasts and vocals, as well as speak clearly on Zoom and any video conference app. Content creators can also use the microphone for clearer audio on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook.

USB connectivity is plug and play, and it installs on its own. It’s compatible with macOS and Windows, as well as Linux. When it comes to value for money and function, the Amazon Basics Mini Microphone with Tripod does an excellent job. Consider taking this home and you’ll immediately notice the audio upgrade. Buy it today!

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