TikTok Video Reveals Secret Apple Store Perks for Good Customers

A TikTok video from a former Apple retail store employee became viral when she revealed that they could use ‘perks’ to delight customers.

@Tanicornerstone mentioned in the video that rude customers will have their Apple product issues fixed, but will have to pay the price. In certain instances, employees are given a number of perks, or ‘surprise and delight’ solutions for polite customers.

Apple Store

The former Apple employee revealed how Geniuses were able to replace water damaged phones without the owner having to pay a fee.

Video comments cemented the fact that the perks were real, including former Apple Retail staff and customers who received free replacement and exceptional service. One mentioned how he was able to get a battery replacement without having to pay for it.

Others refuted the claim and said the ‘surprise and delight’ program was discontinued a long time ago.

The TikTok video has already gotten more than 800 comments and 110K likes.