Tile will be offering an ultra-wideband tracking product similar to Apple’s AirTags

Consumer electronics company Tile is set to introduce a new tracking product which will have ultra wideband capabilities, similar to the rumored ‘AirTags’ Apple is developing.

Apple is currently working on UWB tags for several years although there’s yet to be announced. When it’s released, the AirTags could have a U-series chip for precise location tracking compared to Bluetooth.

ultra-wideband tracking product similar to Apple's AirTags

Tile is set to sell UWB trackers this year. Schematics show how the design is similar to Tile tags but with better precise indoor tracking and spatial awareness than previous Tile models. Furthermore, it may have AR functionality to guide the user to his or her missing object using the AR camera view within the app.

Tile intends to sell its UWB tracker in 2021 with iOS and Android support. The price tag for the new tracker is yet to be announced.

Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst predicts that Apple’s AirTags will debut in 2021 as well.

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