Earlier today Apple CEO, Tim Cook addressed the death of George Floyd in an open letter. Floyd was in police custody last month, Cook referred to his death as senseless killing. He also said that it is shocking proof that we must aim for more than an ordinary future. 

George Floyd’s

Cook’s letter is featured on Apple’s website. The letter is more like a memo that Cook shared with Apple employees last week. Apple is also currently giving out donations to such organizations that challenge racism, mass incarceration, and racial injustice. 

In his letter, he says that there is pain (for Floyd’s death) in our hearts. We stand together and we must stand up for each other. He said that we must recognize the fear and the outrage, which he said is “rightly provoked” because of the senseless killing of Floyd. He also said that the laws are changed but are not applied. 

He then mentions that at Apple we always draw our strength from diversity. He also said that Apple always welcomes people from every walk of life and brings them together at the Apple stores around the globe. He said that we must build our lives based on the highest level of justice and equality. 


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