Tim Cook and Spain PM discuss digital transformation

Tim Cook, Apple CEO recently met with Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez this week at the Apple Park in Cupertino. The minutes of the meeting included the Recovery Plan and digital transformation, among others.

Sanchez posted on Twitter how he and the Apple CEO had a productive meeting, with points discussed about the importance of digital transformation, as well as the Recovery Plan which is Spain’s program to boost the nation’s economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tim Cook and Spain PM

MSBNC reported earlier how the Spain Prime Minister went to the US to promote its businesses and address ongoing vaccinations and troubles with the pandemic. There are also reports that Sanchez met up with Blackstone, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America executives.

Historically, Tim Cook and Apple have met with politicians to discuss Apple products, the economy and other important topics, though the pace has slowed down mostly due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.