Tim Cook delivers Climate change speech at Climate Ambition Summit

The 2020 Climate Ambition Summit saw Tim Cook, Apple CEO deliver a speech about climate change.

Cook’s speech stressed the importance of companies and countries around the world to be ‘burdened’ and act on climate change with historic urgency.

Tim Cook

Cook also remarked how Apple has had an environmental-focused initiative, whose goal is to be supplied with 100 percent renewable energy, and having its entire supply chain being carbon-neutral by the year 2030.

Just last month the Environmental Audit Committee in the UK mentioned how companies like Apple are producing a huge amount of e-waste by charging expensive repair fees and making the devices hard to repair. The organization said the popular business model is to promote short-lived products, a ‘throwaway’ culture and continuous consumption.

Apple responded to the claims by saying they were disappointed. The Cupertino-based company argued that the report did not reflect their efforts to protect the planet and conserve its resources.