Tim Cook, Apple CEO recently went on an interview with Time Magazine after being hailed as one of the ‘titans’ in the publication’s list of 100 most influential people in 2021 and spoke about AR, the environment and privacy, among others.

Tim Cook

Cook was named among other government officials, athletes, artists and businesspeople recently, and the Apple CEO discussed several subjects in a follow-up discussion. He went on to say that he learned that as Apple CEO he had ‘more to learn’.

In terms of Apple’s environmental projects and stakeholder capitalism, Cook mentioned how goals have changed and ‘gotten bolder’ over the years, and how they cared about workers and the environment. To this end Cook stated that it’s important for Apple to be involved in the conversation and nothing to do with image and whatnot.

In the latter part, Cook said how he’s excited to be working with AI and AR, with potential of having an overlay with the real world without distracting from physical relationships.


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