Tim Cook guests in CBS Mornings interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently appeared in an interview at the CBS Mornings show.

In the interview, Cook touched on topics such as Twitter and its app, the newly-launched Emergency SOS via Satellite feature, and his next steps after his Apple stint is over. As a teaser, the Apple CEO mentioned that they were ‘deliberately hiring’ even in the face of a recessive economy.

Tim Cook

Cook said that they continue to hire, but not everywhere. He also outlined the use of Emergency SOS, which launched in Canada and the US for iPhone 14 users. As for the company’s stance on privacy, Cook mentioned that they are getting the ‘bare minimum’ to provide a service, and that Apple does not believe in ‘sucking user data information to make decisions off of it’.

The Apple CEO gave his thoughts on the trending Twitter takeover and how it change the relationship between the two companies. The full video of the interview is available to watch on the official CBS Mornings YouTube channel.