Tim Cook made nearly $100M in 2021

Apple’s SEC filing for 2021 saw its CEO earning a total of $98.7 million in stock, compensation and base salary.

Cook made $3 as base salary and was awarded $82,347,835 in stock award, which includes $44.8 million for performance and $37.5 million in time-based aspects.

Tim Cook

In 2021, Cook has a share vest number of 5 million, which equals $754 million in total. This figure was not counted for 2021.

Aside from the $82M stock grant and $3M salary, the Apple CEO received $1.3 million in ‘other’ category and $12 million in non-equity incentive plans. Rounding out the details are $700K in personal air travel, $630K in security expenses and $23K in vacation payout.

In 2020, Tim Cook earned $14.8 million, which did not include stock awards. The Apple CEO currently enjoys a net worth of $1 billion-plus since two years ago, which will be further boosted with the stock awards.