Tim Cook makes an appearance at Apple Tower Theatre Grand opening

Tim Cook, Apple CEO showed up during the grand opening of its Apple Tower Theatre, an Apple Store located in Downtown LA.

The grand opening of the Apple Tower Theatre was well received, and Apple chief of retail Deirdre O’Brien appeared alongside Cook as well. He welcomed the first visitors and took pictures with attendees during the event.

Apple Tower

Apple Tower Theatre is located within a historic building in the LA Theatre District and is the result of a collaboration of Apple, the City of Los Angeles, restoration artists and preservationists.

Aside from offering the latest Apple products Tower Theatre is set to be the launchpad of a new project that offers mentorship and hands-on experience with young creatives of underrepresented communities.

Tim Cook posted photos of the grand opening and uploaded it to his Twitter account. Other notable appearances include Justine Ezarik, or iJustine who had a selfie with the Apple CEO.